Basic addition of numbers kindergarten fling the teacher game

Practice basic addition of numbers in this kindergarten Math fling the teacher game – This is a multiple choice math fun game. Get your teacher ready for class by selecting the right combination of clothes for him; eye glasses, colored hair, funny teach etc. Click on continue and start answering multiple choice questions. If you are successful answering all 15 questions, you have the chance to tie up your teacher and throw him away using a catapult, if not you lose the game. Have fun !

Create your “victim” by choosing from a range of creative hairstyles and by adding accessories and features such as sunglasses, beards and buckteeth. Not feeling especially creative? You may also select from one of the random pre-made looks already generated. Once your character is created, you may move forward by answering the math questions provided. Each question that is answered correctly provides the player with another piece of the catapult that will be used to fling your victim you created. Answer all 15 questions correctly and the victim will be catapulted across the screen and you will have won the game! Free fun games online for kids | free tests and quizzes | Cool math game on addition.

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