Addition of 3 digit numbers math concentration or memory game. Click on the window above to find a math problem, solve it and click on the window below to find the correct answer. The order below is mixed up so players have to try to remember answers of other problems as they play. This makes the game easy when they come across such problems but it is also the challenging part of the game. Each time you match to the correct answer, you get a hurray ! sound or flag or green light to signal victory. It can be played by one or two people. Have fun checking the windows.

This is a memory game concentrated around solving math problems and matching that problem with the correct solution. Pick a square from the top half of the board and once you’ve completed the equation, try and select the answer from one of the squares below. Each of the six equations is a different addition problem. The tiles are scattered at random, making matching the equation to the solution a bit harder. The challenge is fun! The fewer attempts taken to find the answer, the better! This game can be played by one or two players. Free fun games online for kids | free tests and quizzes | Cool math game on addition. 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade math activities.

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