Addition Pirate Math Game For Kindergarten

Addition Pirate math game for kindergarten children contains an introduction to addition practice for kids with colored picture / illustrated aids which makes adding easy. Introduce kids to the concept of addition using this game at home or in school. – This is an exciting game with multiple choice math problems. It can be played by one or two students. When a question pops up, choice the correct answer and keep doing the same. If you answer incorrectly, your ship is shot by the pirate. The player with the most damaged ship ends up sinking and being eaten up by the sharks. Math is fun !

Aimed towards kindergarten students, this exciting math game uses pirate ships and cannons to make solving simple addition problems fun! Answer the questions correctly, and shoot a cannonball at your opponent. Answer all the questions correctly and your opponent will be sunk and fed to the sharks! All questions are multiple choice and are also timed. You can play with a friend or by yourself by going against the computer. The game winner is the pirate who is still standing, or shall we say floating, at the end of the game! Good luck and watch out for those cannonballs! Free fun games online for kids | free tests and quizzes | Cool math game on addition

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