Addition of two digits billionaire 3rd grade game

3rd grade math billionaire game on addition of two digit numbers – This is a fun game for one or two players. It has different sums of money to win by competitors; you must be quick to answer all questions since some are timed. It is a multiple choice question game, select the amount of money to win, answer the question correctly and accumulate points as you go along. In the end the winner becomes a billionaire according the amount of points and money won in the game.

Third grade billionaires! This game focuses on addition problems aimed towards a third grade level student. Each level is worth the listed amount of prize money. Answer the question correctly and not only do you move forward in the game, but you also collect the prize money. Continue to answer correctly and build up the money in your bank. There are three lifelines in this game which consist of the following: eliminate two wrong answers with 50/50, poll the audience, and call a friend. The player that answers the most questions correct and banks the most prize money wins! Free fun games online for kids | free tests and quizzes | Cool math game on addition

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