1st Grade addition pirate game

Practice addition in this 1st grade pirate math game – Click on the dice to roll. A random number will show up and your ship will advance. There are traps on the way. Do not land on a volcano island or pirate. A question will pop up and the player must choose the correct answer or risk going back. Meeting a pirate is ugly – you get shot at and you go back to start. Those pirates are mean. A dolphin is your best friend in these pirate waters.

In this game first grade children will practice the following addition skills: Basic addition of single digit numbers, addition of 1 to 2 digit numbers e.g. 13 + 4, finding the sum of numbers between 1 to 20, addition of numbers with sums above 20 etc. This 1st grade game is in line with common core state standards.

Go on a pirate adventure! Sail your ship through the dangerous seas towards the finish line. Roll the dice to open a question. Answer the first grade level math addition questions correctly and proceed through the seas. Answer incorrectly and your ship is sent back to the starting point. Watch out for those pesky pirates and volcano islands, they are not your friends! The goal is to answer each of the questions correctly and to avoid landing on volcanoes and pirates. Win by reaching the finish line! This is a great and engaging tool for students. Free fun games online for kids | free tests and quizzes | Cool math game on addition

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