• 7th-grade-workbook3

    7th Grade Math e-Book Download

    This 7th grade math e-book download is a pdf printable resource for educators. Featuring are key seventh grade math topics each covered by a number of worksheets. These worksheets are printable math tests with answer sheets attached to the second page. This workbook will serve as an extra math homework...

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  • 6th-grade-workbook3

    6th Grade Math e-Book Download

    6th grade math e-book download. This is a pdf printable math work book for use in 6th grade. Below are the topics covered; under each topic are subtopics covered with the specified number of worksheets. Each worksheet has an answer key attached to the second page. This workbook will serve as a printable...

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  • 5th-grade-workbook3

    5th Grade Math e-Book Download

    5th Grade math e-book download – This math workbook features a collection of essential math skills studied in grade 5. Each topic below contains a number of sub-topics each covered by a worksheet. For the difficult exercises, an answer key has been provided on the second page. This e-book will serve...

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  • 4th-grade-workbook3

    4th Grade Math e-Book Download

    4th grade math eBook download. This 4th grade math workbook contains 96 topics covered under the various topics and sub-topics listed below. Purchasing a copy of this eBook is an added advantage to educators of 4th graders. Each worksheet is designed to serve the need for extra homework practice and...

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  • 3rd-grade-workbook3

    3rd Grade Math e-Book Download ($ 20)

    3rd Grade Math eBook download. Each topic below features a given number of subtopics, each containing pdf printable worksheets. For example, the addition topic below contains 29 worksheets under different subtopics. Each page contains a lot of questions which could serve as test material in a classroom...

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  • 2nd-grade-workbook3

    2nd Grade Math e-Book Download

    2nd  Grade Math eBook download. This e-book covers key topics studied in 2nd grade. Each topic below contains subtopics, which have each been covered with a specific worksheet. Overall there are 224 subtopics covered in this workbook and the number of skills to be learnt is endless. This workbook also...

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  • 1st-grade-workbook3

    1st Grade Math e-Book Download

    1st Grade Math eBook download.  In this math eBook, we have identified some essential skills outlined in the first grade curriculum and designed loads of worksheets around each of them. Each worksheet can be printed as an extra resource for homework, testing, reviews or preparation. For the difficult...

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  • Kindegarten-workbook3

    Kindergarten Math e-Book Download

    Kindergarten Math eBook download .With this kindergarten math workbook, children will learn several math skills. Each page of this e-book is a blend of math skills and art involving the use of the best graphics that transmit each idea seamlessly. Our math tutors put together years of experience to come...

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  • Preschool Math e-Book Download

    Preschool Math e-Book Download ($20)

    Preschool Math eBook download. Several years of experience enabled us to put together this math e-book that responds to the needs of preschoolers. Each page is a well worked through design that integrates the necessary math concepts needed at this grade. Another important feature of this e-book is that...

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  • division app

    Air Strike Division App

    Get it now: Price:$2.99 Language:English Category: Games Publisher:Mphoweh Jude Nzembayie DIVISION PRACTICE FOR KIDS in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades In this app children will review all skills needed for understanding how to solve division problems. The exercises on this game cover five math skills...

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