Math game for kids on dividing fractions, catapult game – Math classroom interactive online fun game. This game is an interactive online test for children to practice their skills on fractions. Each game has multiple choice answers to problems. These games are suitable homeschooling and classroom practice for children in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Click start and begin practicing.

math-catapult-gameThis is a math activity for kids on learning how to divide two fraction values. This game contains a number f multiple choice questions which kids have to solve and chose correct answers. It is equally and educational fun game or math trivia which will serve well as a review material or a supplementary activity for the classroom or for homework. Math is fun and this game makes it more so by blending a catapult game with two opposing players or teams. This game have been carefully designed by the authors of math4childrenplus to aid students across the world. It is a free online game, meaning there is no limit to how many times players can visit this page. Have fun with this cool math game.

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