Equations and variables 3rd grade billionaire math game

Math billionaire game on equations with variables for 3rd grade – This is a fun game for one or two players. It has different sums of money to win by competitors; you must be quick to answer all questions since some are timed. It is a multiple choice question game, select the amount of money to win, answer the question correctly and accumulate points as you go along. In the end the winner becomes a billionaire according the amount of points and money won in the game.

Practice 3rd grade pre algebra on equations and variables.

Algebra worksheets

There are MCQ’s on algebra worksheets for the child to answer. If the worksheets are being used for a group or class of students there is a place for each child to enter their name. Each worksheet is divided into a number of squares with each square containing a question and a place for the answer to be written in. This allows the parent or teacher to easily view the answers and mark accordingly. Four aspects of algebra are covered by the worksheets, the four areas covered are: Expansion of linear expressions, Expressions with variables, Factorisation of linear expressions and Linear equations.

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