4th grade Geometry pirate math game

Practice geometry with this pirate game – Click on the dice to roll. A random number will show up and your ship will advance. There are traps on the way. Do not land on a volcano island or pirate. A question will pop up and the player must choose the correct answer or risk going back. Meeting a pirate is ugly – you get shot at and you go back to start. Those pirates are mean. A dolphin is your best friend in these pirate waters.

In this game, fourth graders will practice geometry topics like : surface areas of squares, triangles, circles, perimeter of complex and simple geometrical shapes etc. This is a self – test / practice 4th grade common core state standards.

What is geometry ? More on Geometry 

Identify some shapes in geometry - math

Worksheets to identify some shapes in geometry

The worksheet exercises for grade 1 require kids to color the different shapes according to the colors mentioned in the worksheet, designed to test the perceptive skills of the kids and determine whether they are able to find out different shapes or not. The worksheets have been designed in varying ways to test kid’s capabilities. Kids are required to match the different Geometry shapes with their original counterpart. These worksheet exercises have been designed to upgrade a kid’s observational skills, as well as ability to understand the distinction between each shape. Also learn geometry vocabulary

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