Global warming rally game

Learn about global warming in this Science Rally game – Classroom rally game for one or more students. Select your team with color and play Science classroom rally game. Random questions will pop up during rally race and if you answer it correctly then you will get boost and your opponent gets some hurdles like stone or mud on the way so they slows down. Beat your opponent and have fun with Science rally game.

In this game children will learn about the causes of global warming, greenhouse effect gases, sources of carbon dioxide, ways to fight global warming etc. This is an environmental science fun game fun game for children in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade.

Teaching Kids About Global Warming

Global warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of the Earth. From the start of the 20th century, global Earth surface and air temperatures increased by 0.8 degree Celsius. This figure appears small from first sight but the consequences are far reaching. The IPCC together with most research organs across the world have concluded that global warming is caused by the constant emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, principally through processes like the: combustion of fossil fuels, poor agricultural practices that lead to green house gas emissions, amongst others. These activities are ongoing and it is estimated that global temperatures could increase further to 1.1 degrees Celsius. The consequences are many, amongst which are: rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns, desertification, melting of polar ice caps, etc.
Joseph Fourier in 1824 offered an early explanation for the Green House effect which is why the Earth heats up. According to him, gases in the atmosphere like water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide and Ozone trap solar radiation. The concentration of these gases forms a sort of ‘blanket’ over the earth’s surface. This blanket helps to trap short wave radiations directly from the sun from reaching the Earth’s surface. When solar radiation reaches the earth, some is reflected back into the atmosphere in the form of long wave infrared radiation. Some of it is trapped by this blanket, hence keeping the earth warm. However, the emission of CO2 and other gases like Nitrogen Oxide and methane through industrial activities has increased the amount of green house effect gases in the atmosphere. This in turn leads to the trapping of a lot more inferred radiation than needed hence heating up the earth through the process referred to as global warming.
It is important to teach kids about global warming at an early age and most especially the role man plays in this phenomenon. This being so because the direct and indirect consequences of global warming are enormous; examples are: floods during events of intense rainfall, rising sea levels that cause people to migrate especially from Islands (e.g. in Oceania), melting polar ice caps which lead to rising sea levels, destruction of habitats for most species amongst others.
Some good practices mankind has been attempting over the years are the adoption of sustainable and environmentally sound practices in industries and heavy infrastructure constructions. Reforestation has also been seen as a solution towards increasing carbon storage in biomass. Also, scientists are meeting more often in conferences and coming out with innovative ways to reduce the amounts of CO2 emissions. This has been especially remarkable in the energy sector where wind and solar energy is replacing fossil fuels. Mankind still has a long way to go.
At Math4childrenplus, we have provided an exciting interactive online game which children could use to learn a lot about global warming. This game could also be used as a Multiple Choice test question pretest which kids could take at home or in school to reinforce their skills. It is worth noting that it is important to get kids learning about the environment at an early age since they are the future and might bear the brunt of today’s civilization malpractices.

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