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4th Grade Games

Fractions Games

Grade four math comprises of topics like angles, perimeters, prime numbers, fractions, algebra, statistical methods like mean, median, mode and so on. There are a number of everyday math 4th grade that could be carried out with fourth graders so that learning math becomes fun. These may be the math quizzes and videos explaining how the particular topic should be dealt with. In videos sums could be solved explaining each step in detail. Math board games would definitely get active involvement from the children and once they are acquainted with the topics why not get them to play fun games covering the various topics. Games could be constructed level wise so that kids could make progress in the topic and have fun too. Algebra and decimals could be made engaging through the card games. Topics like fractions, multiplication, and prime numbers could be made easy with the help of card games. Board games help the kids to learn quickly and if possible games should be devised in a way that covers all the sub topics so that the children do not miss out on any concept. This way they get to understand the topic thoroughly. Charts have a great visual appeal and these could be made explaining in detail the mathematical concepts and the formula. Geometry could be explained nicely with the help of coloured diagrams. Activities could be made interesting by making them to play in doubles or in groups. Games could be designed to get familiarity with geometric shapes. The educational games are one of the best ways to teach kids simply because it gives the feeling of game to the children and learning also takes place through such interactive games. Puzzles and quizzes could be given to the kids for topics like fractions and algebra. Dimensional objects could be used to explain the geometrical figures. Flashcards or Task Cards are an excellent way to make the children learn the details. These flashcards could be designed as per the topics and made attractive so that children would love to handle them as well as easily learn from them. A base for mathematical operations could be created by simple games so that the complex problems in the successive classes can be managed easily by the children. Worksheets to keep a track of the progress can be used for each and every topic.