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Fifth grade math activities for children. Featuring on this page are 5th grade math word problems, quizzes, worksheets and more for children. Get your fifth graders engaged with our math fun activities.

5th Grade Games

Fractions Games

According to the Common Core State Standards in the USA for 5th grade math, students should develop fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions as well as developing an understanding of multiplication and division of fractions. Students should be extending their division understanding to two digit divisors and integrating decimal fractions into the place value system as well as understanding the operations of decimals to the hundredths place and developing comprehension of whole number and decimal operations. Students should also comprehend the idea of volume.

Students handling the addition and subtraction of fractions should be learning how to find the lowest common denominator. This will help to calculate the sums and differences of fractions and give students scope to make reasonable estimates of them. The multiplication and division of fractions should be explored. Students will be developing their understanding of why division procedures work on base-ten numerals as well as properties of operations. Multiple digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should be solidified knowledge. Students should be able to compute products and quotients in decimals to the hundredths. Finally according to the Common Core Standards in the USA, volume should be known as an attribute of three dimensional space. Students should know how to calculate volume (length x width x height).

More on 5th grade and 5th grade math word problems

Fun activities enable kids to develop interest in mathematics. Fifth grade math & 5th grade math word problems include topics like ratios, Venn diagrams, integers, sets, number theory, circumference, congruent shapes, greatest common factor, least common multiple and etc. In fifth grade too fun activities could be devised for the children. Worksheets help a lot and these could be used for the various topics and sub-topics. Power point could be used to build games for the topics like integers and ratios. Venn diagram could be explained with the help of attractive coloured sheets. Creative games could be developed to demonstrate the theorems. Tough topics could be explained by games via the levels. Try to use attractive materials so that their interest level is maintained. Short videos covering the topics like greatest common factor, least common multiple and ratios could be shown. After completion of each sub-topic short riddles could be given to the kids to see how well they have grasped the topic. Short and timed quizzes could be given to the children. Why not make use of attractive and funny illustrations for the topics like ratios. Venn diagram could be made interesting by asking the children to fill in the values and bright colours could be used for this purpose