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Common CoreState Standards in the USA for 7th grade math expounds upon previously studied subjects. Students should develop the understanding and application of proportional relationships. Students develop the understanding of operations with rational numbers as they relate to expressions and linear equations. Students will be solving problems with scale drawings and geometric constructions as they work with two and three dimensional shapes. These problems include measurements of area, surface area and volume. Students will learn to infer populations based on samples.

The Common Core State Standards in the USA apply the use of slope as a related line between the beginning and end of a physical angle. Students will work out percentage fluctuation problems as they pertain to discounts, interest, taxes and tips. Students will develop understanding of number, fractions, and decimals (both finite and repeating representation). Also percentages will be applied as representations of rational numbers. Students will work with area and circumference of a circle as well as surface area of three dimensional objects. Students will work with three dimensional figures and compare them to two dimensional figures, examining cross sections. Students will build on work done with data distribution as they compare differences between populations.

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If children are made to learn the integral concepts of math through interactive activities then this helps in building a good foundation to tackle topics that they have to learn in the subsequent years. Seventh grade math includes topics like decimals, finding out metric measurements, distance, Pythagorean Theorem, linear functions, rational numbers, volume, divisibility, statistics, and probability and so on. Seventh grade may have certain new concepts (Pythagorean Theorem) as well the level of mathematical operations become complex. So it is essential to make the learning process engaging, interactive and exciting. The children should be given worksheets that are detailed out clearly. These worksheets help in understanding how well the child has understood the concepts. The Pythagorean Theorem could be explained with the help of objects so that the children would be able to grasp it quickly. They could be given timed tests covering complex mathematical operations. New topics can be taught through explanatory videos. Why not teach them with the help of online math games? Games that are played by clearing the various levels by covering the sub topics in an exciting way definitely help the children in grasping easily. Attractive charts could be prepared showing how to compute the area of different geometrical figures. Games involving geometry can be used. Rapid quizzes related to areas of different geometrical shapes could be given to the children. Simple games for identification of the geometric shapes would help the children to rewind their basics so that they would not be uncomfortable with the geometric calculations. Attractive colours could be used to show the various geometric shapes and creativity can be used to show how area can be calculated. A big chart or tree diagram could be used to list the geometric shapes as well as classification.

            When children find themselves engaged in such activities then the learning becomes fun. As mentioned with the help of videos, worksheets, board games, colourful charts, online games, quizzes, card games and badges math could be learned without getting the children intimidated by the difficult topics. If every topic is explained through simple means then the children get confidence to solve the problems. It is also essential to track the progress and hence worksheets and badges can be used. The topics of math seem to be in continuation from one grade to other. So activities could be designed in a way that they help in understanding how certain topics are interrelated. For instance, certain activities could involve quick revision of what has been taught earlier. This will help the children to establish the link and grasp the concept accordingly.