Math activities for kindergarten

Math activities for kindergarten practice with children (nursery school math). This page features links for children in kindergarten and includes math games, worksheets, quizzes and more. Get free math practice for you kids.

Kindergarten Games

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Kindergarten is the next level after pre-school. Some kids are homeschooled and brought straight into this level, in which case kindergarten (also called nursery one) is the actual first schooling experience for most people. This grade could be challenging for kids especially since it entails breaking them away from the comfort of their home to public space where they have to compete with other kids and experience new mentors (teachers).
This rather difficult first step in education warrants parents and teachers to pay special attention in building the fundamental aspects that will serve kids all along and which will ease their understanding of other concepts as they become harder. Kindergarten mathematics therefore sets the pace. Most children at this level are curios and fascinated about numbers, colors and shapes of their toys, candies served to them amongst others. It is this curiosity which explains why kindergarten math curriculums are designed to teach kids essential skills for understanding these concepts. Some important concepts taught in kindergarten include: shapes and geometry, classification by shape and colors, spatial sense, spelling and tracing numbers on worksheets, counting from one to ten, learning about clocks, days of the week etc.
At math4childrenplus, the importance of mixed teaching methods poised by a diversity of teaching resources triggered our imaginations about ways of passing all needed basic math concepts across. That is why on this page we have links to Math activities for kindergarten like online, quizzes, worksheets, board games and flash cards. Worksheets will help parents and teachers to teach kids how to spell numbers, color shapes, mark patterns etc. They will also help in testing different math skills. Games will help children to develop interest in the subject while testing different skills. Quizzes will serve as interactive tests for classroom and homeschool use. These pages have got it all, and remember all these math resources here are free. Please feel free to share.