Preschool Math Activities

Preschool math activities featuring: math games, worksheets, tests, cards and more for kids. Let your pre – K kids have fun playing math games, taking math tests, and doing activities on shapes, counting, recognizing numbers, addition and more.

Pre-School Games

Addition Games

Preschool math activities (also called pre-kindergarten or simply Pre-k) is an apparently superficial yet important introduction of kids to basic math concepts. Preschool is where parents seek to teach kids essential math skills like shapes, geometry, counting up to five, position of objects, numbers and tracing letters. Since kids at this level are relatively young, it is important to try out diverse teaching methods to find out which ones work best. Generally, kids like visually appealing exercises, those that can actively engage them like touching and tracing numbers and those that have an audio component that can enable them to listen and follow. Preschool learning materials always need the support of parents or teachers. It is for this reason that this page has provided a wide variety of free math teaching resources like: math games, quizzes and worksheets. Games are interactive, fun and engaging, worksheets are colorful and visually appealing to kids, online quizzes are fun and contain pictures and illustrations that pass across math concepts easily.