Free kindergarten math worksheets


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Kindergarten math

From a young age, it is important to teach children the basics of math, for they will be using it for the rest of their lives. The earlier children can add up and subtract sums, the better their future will be. From a young age, children would need the skill to count. They will be able to complete and solve problems faster and easier. Children will be able to identify shapes quickly.

In kindergarten, children start with simple, yet important, math. They will learn to know the numbers and count in sequences. They will be able to count and tell the number of objects. Children will know how to combine and how to subtract.

Children will learn to recognize different numbers. They need to know that numbers have an order and in that way they will count easily. They will be able to identify different geometric shapes.  They will begin to realize that patterns also occur in real life. They will be doing activities like; telling the time, how to use a calendar, how to measure quantities, using different patterns and to predict about what comes next.

Kindergarteners should also do physical math. This is great for them as they will use it for the rest of their lives. They will be able to find and know the value of up to 20 coins. They will be able to identify the different coins and currencies. They should know the names of the measurement devices, like; a ruler, a scale, a thermometer, clocks, calendars and measuring cups and spoons. They should know the different measurement terms, like; length, weight, temperature, time and volume.  It is important that they know the different geometric shapes (circle, square, rectangle and the triangle), for it will be used the rest of their lives. They will be able to sort items into different groups, like; colour, shape, size and material. The children will be expected to learn important numbers, like; the telephone number, the emergency number, different birthday dates and their street address.

Some great activities that parents or teachers can do with their children or their class are; playing the blue bean game, where your child can learn to count little blue beans. You can use Smarties and take the different colours to your advantage to let the child make patterns, and when he\she have done the pattern right, they may eat the Smarties. You can make a little coin bank with the child, where he\she receives money, then identify the coins and then they can put it into their little bank and at the same time they can learn to save their money. Let the children make and cut out all the numbers that they know about, and then let them make up their own sums.

At Kindergarten, children don’t learn much math, but they learn the most important math that you can get. This is the foundation for all the children, if they can do this math sums and understand it, only then they will have a great future and a great life with math.