Mean, Mode, Median 1st grade basketball game

Math basket ball game. This is a suitable game for kids to practice math skills learnt. It is a multiple choice question game and can be played by one or two players. Each time you answer a question correctly, you have a chance to shoot a hoop. Answer the question and click 3 times at the center to shoot the ball. Keep doing so until the end of the game. Your test score and number of points is displayed at the end of the game. Have fun playing this game.

In this game 1st graders will practice finding the mean, median and mode in a data set. In some data sets, players fist have to rearrange the data set before finding the more. This is an applicable skill in daily life activities that deal with data, e.g. finding the average age of students, finding the mean cost, finding the mode in a fashion collection etc. Get more practice by printing out more first grade math worksheets on data.

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