Interactive Online Math Quizzes For Children

Math-quizzesInteractive online math quizzes for children to practice basic math skills. Get children in Pre – K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade to test all math skills learnt. These quizzes are multiple choices, true or false and /or fill in the blanks type activities. Each math test is properly illustrated with graphics that visually appeal to kids. There are over 100 math tests on this page and about 1,000 questions for children to practice solving. At the end of each test, kids can tract their score, see where they went wrong and find out which answers were incorrect. There is no limit to the number of times you can take these tests. Feel free to practice on all math skills learnt from Kindergarten to third grade.

It is often challenging for parents and teachers to find one web page that cover all the math skills kids need to create a solid math foundation as they study from preschool right up to 7th grade. A good way of gaining such math skills is through interactive online quizzes (or tests) which do not only help kids to practice but also helps them to learn in a fun way. These quizzes contain multiple choice questions, gap fills, fill in the blanks, matching questions to answers and click map tests. They are also highly illustrated with graphics and pictures that help in understanding the basic math concepts. Remember these quizzes are online and interactive and hence can be played at any time and as often as possible; children therefore have the possibility to practice many times without restrictions. Some of these online tests can work as extra homework practice, a homeschooling accessory for parents and /or as a classroom practice resource which teachers can use as extra materials. Finally, if you take these tests, you will realize that they contain sound effects that tell you if you pass or fail a question, they also have a grade displayed at the  end and the possibility of seeing all questions that were answered incorrectly alongside the correct answers. There are no limits to which these quizzes can be used. Simply click on a subtopic above and start practicing.