Kindergarten subtraction basketball game

Practice kindergarten subtraction with basketball game. Math basket ball game. This is a suitable game for kids to practice math skills learnt. It is a multiple choice question game and can be played by one or two players. Each time you answer a question correctly, you have a chance to shoot a hoop. Answer the question and click 3 times at the center to shoot the ball. Keep doing so until the end of the game. Your test score and number of points is displayed at the end of the game. Have fun playing this game.

Here kindergarten children will practice basic subtraction of numbers. For more practice, download kindergarten math worksheets on subtraction on this site. This game is in line with common core state standards for kids at this level.

Learn how to subtract, Math game for kindergarten

Subtraction and basketball! This kindergarten math game is a fun way for students to learn the basics of simple subtraction. Students can customize their players with team and shoe colors, names and skill levels. Up to three people can play this game at once. Answer a math equation correctly and get a chance to shoot the basketball! After placing your player in your preferred spot on the floor, to shoot the ball, follow the instructions on the screen. Each player has ten shots to take but the shots can only be made if the questions are answered correctly! Good luck!

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