1st grade subtraction catapult game

Practice subtraction with this 1st grade catapult game Math catapult game – Fun game for one or two students to take turns playing. Each time a question pops up, select the correct answer and get a chance to shoot at your adversary with the help of your army. If you keep getting the answers right, you keep shooting at your adversary until his /her castle breaks down. A dragon also joins on your side to spit fire on the loser and destroy his/her castle completely. Be a champion and conquer enemy territory.

Math Game on Subtraction for first grade children to review

In this game children in first grade will practice subtracting two numbers; in some cases two place plus one place numbers e.g. 23 + 6 =, In some other cases 15 + 23 = ? etc. By practicing with this game, kids will gain skills to prepare them for adding bigger numbers. This game in in line with 1st grade common core state standards.

First grade subtraction has never been so fun! This game pits players against each other using catapults. The attacks alternate between bows and arrows to stones and magic potions. Each player has their own tower. Players much answer questions correctly to strike their opponent’s tower with the catapult. Miss the question and your own tower will be struck. Answer all the questions correctly and a dragon will finish off your opponent’s tower with its fiery breath! This is a fun and engaging game for first grader to work on their simple subtraction.

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