Math Worksheets by Topic From Pre – K to 7th Grades

Math worksheets for kids on all topics aligned to Core Math State Standards. These worksheets are for Pre – K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades. Click on each topic to open a wealth of math worksheets under each topic.


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Essential Math Topics for children from Pre – Kindergarten to 7th Grades

Each country has identified a series of math topics that are essential for kids at every level from pre – kindergarten right up to 7th grades. The trend across different country curricula is that which aligns topics in a way that one skill reinforces another or such that skills learnt in one grade reinforce those taught in later grade. It is important for parents to understand these while following up their kids because missing some essential skills in math could destroy children’s ability to catch up at later stages.
For math topics taught from Pre- kindergarten to 7th grade, the Common Core State Standards (USA) is a good reference for teachers. Also some countries like Singapore have designed curriculums that are highly used in other countries across the world.
At Math4ChildrenPlus, we have taken cognizance of the different curricula and come up with math resources that cover essential math topics across several standards from preschool to 7th grades. We offer Free Math Worksheets, Games, Quizzes, Online Tests and more on a variety of topics listed above. Simply click on each link to unlock the wealth of resources under the given topic.